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Founded in 2011, Pour Vous, like most companies had a modest start. Lindsey Smith, a struggling college student studying at Savannah College of Art and Design at the time, found a need for one of a kind greeting cards on a college budget!  She started by doing custom "hand cut paper" cards for family and friends.  With little free time and a growing knowledge of computer aided design, Lindsey began creating cards digitally instead. Her one- WOMAN- show continued throughout her move to L.A. as she began her career as a Fashion Designer.  Year after year and referral after referral, Lindsey has now expanded Pour Vous to now specialize in event planning and custom paper goods, such as invitations, announcements, stationary, event decor, packaging, and many more paper related products.  Launching this website has been a dream of hers for quite some time and thanks to COVID, she was able to cross this off of her bucket list!